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11 Features of a Money-Hungry Man

11 Features of a Money-Hungry Man

A man who hungers for money should be ready to do anything to make money.

Irrespective of the insatiability of human wants, it is still advisable to be conscious of our actions when wanting to satisfy these insatiable wants.

In this post, I've been able to list at least 11 qualities/features of a money-hungry man.

  • Consistency
  • Perseverance
  • Creativity
  • Positive Mindedness
  • Has a Plan B
  • Risk bearer
  • Hell-bent
  • Goal-oriented
  • Open to learning
  • Equipped with the latest trends
  • Ready to make sacrifices

So let's get them explained bit by bit.

1. A money-hungry man is Consistent

A man who hungers for money must be consistent. On many occasions, he will be faced with many challenges that will force him to quit.

Being consistent shows that you are determined to achieve success at the end of the day.

2. Perseverance

Perseverance is a way of constantly disturbing an individual or a thing until what you seek is released or given to you.

Take the issue of Nnamdi Kanu and his quest for the freedom of Biafrans for example.

Even when he was detained, his release was fostered by the perseverance of the freedom fighting group that he led.

A money-hungry man perseveres until what he is looking for is given to him.

3. Creative

Creativity is another aspect of a money-hungry man's life. His ability to bring new things to the table makes him different.

You cannot become successful in a market that is filled with traders who are selling the same thing you are selling except you have a different marketing style.

A man said that you cannot continue doing the same thing you do and expect a different result.

Your creativity stands you out in the business. When you do things differently from the way others do theirs, you will see yourself at the peak of your market's success.


4. A money-hungry man is also Positive Oriented

A man who is hungry to make a fortune must be positive in his thinking.

When you are negatively oriented you will notice that you will be scared to make a move. Always think about the advantages of what you are about engaging in. 

A positive mind stays and attains positive results - Nekenwa Saviosantos

5. Have a Plan B

What if the way you are chasing this money is not working, do you have an alternative?

A man who is eager to make wealth should have a plan B.

Some time ago, during the time of President Goodluck Jonathan, lecturers of higher institutions in Nigeria went on strike as a way to protest the Government's inability to pay salaries.

Dr Humphrey Ukhureboh, a Philosophy lecturer in the Department of Foundations of Education, Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education, Owerri, Imo state, told us that he intentionally stopped his wife from being a lecturer like him.

According to Dr Ukhureboh, this happened before lecturers went on strike.

He started a giant grocery shop for her and gave her reasons she shouldn't be a lecturer.

When lecturers went on strike, the government maintained that they wouldn't pay lecturers for the number of months they were on strike.

While lecturers were on strike, his wife was the one catering for the family.

Now you can imagine what would have become of their family if his wife stubbornly decided to be a lecturer.

That was a Plan B working. If you want to make money or if you are hungry to make money, you should always have a Plan B.

Ask yourself this pertinent question, "what if this particular business doesn't work how do I cope?"

6. Ready to take risks

A money-hungry man is ready to take risks.

You can't claim to be ready to make money and you are scared of taking risks.

My humble advice is, don't take risks that will take your life. Always ensure that the risk you want to take is such that when it returns unfavourably, it will shake you but you will still find your ground.

That is to say, don't incur for yourself a problem you cannot handle even when there is no one to help you.

7. Hell-bent

No matter the situation, money-hungry men are ready to make things happen. 

Never be discouraged by your folks or the happenings around you.

One of my lecturers in school knew that almost all students in school are faced with financial problems. He advised me never to be discouraged by what is happening around me (financial problems).

In response, I told him that instead of me being discouraged by any form of discouragement, I will be in a better position to discourage the discouragement.

If you are interested in becoming a successful man as long as money-making is concerned, then you must be hell-bent on achieving it.

8. A man who is money hungry is Goal-oriented

You don't just wake up one morning and claim that you want to make money.

Something must have triggered your desire to make money. The more you remember that particular thing, the more you put in more effort to make money.

Like a friend of mine who owns a giant edifice in his father's compound took a photo of their family house when they were still poor.

He said the more he took a look at the image of their poor family background the more he was motivated to hustle day and night to make wealth.

Today, his house is now one of the biggest in the whole of the community.

The funniest aspect of the whole thing is that the governor of his state is from his community but the house of the governor is in no way comparable to the house of my friend.

Strangers in the community first ask if the house of the boy is the governor's house and people around will show them the actual house of the governor.

You must have something that pushes you to hunger for wealth.

9. Open to Learn

The ways things were done in the 90s are completely different from the way they are done now.

You must be open to learning new ideas. Being a fanatic kills a business. You must learn to do the right thing at the right time.

Be open to learning new ideas so that you can easily adjust to serving the current trend.

10. Acquainted with latest trends

Like I mentioned in Number 9 above, here you must have an idea of the latest trends so that you can easily know what's best for your quest to make money.

When you are conversant with the latest trends, it means that you are equipped with the latest tools to make money.

Let's say, for example, you make money through comedy YouTube videos.

Irrespective of the fact that evergreen stories are still funny and call for a "must-watch" how about making a video about what is currently trending?

Do you know that when your viewers watch the video of what is currently trending, they are educated on what is currently on board and would always want to know more of the latest through your channel?

So to make money, you have to research to be empowered with the latest ways to make money.

11. He is ready to make sacrifices

When you are very hungry, you will be ready to do anything just to quench that hunger.

This is also applicable to when you are a money-hungry man.

Some things are needed to be sacrificed for you to make wealth. As long as what you wish to sacrifice is below importance to what you want to achieve, then go-ahead to do it.

Sacrifice doesn't mean killing someone to become rich. Here, what I am saying is explained in detail in our next post.


The hunger for money never quenches as long as we are alive, eating and seeing beautiful things.

Our love to acquire more beautiful things in life triggers the insatiability of human wants. 

Irrespective of the fact that human wants are insatiable, it is still very important we try as much as possible to control them to avoid doing the wrong things that would land us in trouble.

A money-hungry man can do anything to make money but all his actions have to be geared towards the right way of making wealth.

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